February 01, 2021

Date: February 01, 2021

Time: 6:00 PM

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It is widely known that data science technology, if used irresponsibly, can reinforce inequity, limit accountability, and infringe on the privacy of individuals. Open and effective conversations around these issues of social (in)justice in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and beyond are pivotal in coalition-building and community engagement. And yet, in moments of opposing opinions, high stakes, and strong emotions, people often find themselves immobile and polarized. How, then, do we choose between chaos or community? How do we move forward? In this webinar, co-director of the NYU Center for Responsible AI, Dr. Julia Stoyanovich, and Stern adjunct assistant professor, Jennifer Wynn, will discuss these central questions and their implications. Virtual attendees will acquire the knowledge, tools, and courage required to help them engage in challenging conversations, remain vigilant within their communities, and enact social change in our increasingly digital and tech-oriented spaces.

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