About Us

Our Mission

The Center for Responsible AI (R/AI) is making AI work for everyone. We catalyze policy and industry impact, foster interdisciplinary research and education, and build an equitable and socially sustainable ecosystem of AI innovation.

What Drives Us

That social inequity is reinforced by data-intensive systems is not new. Advances in data science and AI can be undermined by similar problems: automated decisions based on biased data operationalize, entrench, and legitimize new forms of discrimination. as a result, there is an urgent need to build a shared and nuanced understanding of these issues and to chart a path towards solutions in which technical advances are combined with a shift in business practices, and with the establishment of much-needed regulatory mechanisms informed by robust public participation. The Center for Responsible AI at NYU responds to this need.

Our Partners

The Center collaborates with and draws on the expertise of a variety of academic and civic institutions.

Our Supporters

We thank our funders and donors for their generous support of our work.