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Applied Research Lab

The Applied Research Lab conducts cutting-edge interdisciplinary research to develop, implement, and disseminate best-in-class open source tools and frameworks for operationalizing responsibility at all stages of the AI lifecycle.

Talent and Education Program

The Talent and Education Program is designed to produce educational materials and workshops, as well as standardized curricula to train computer science and data science students, current practitioners in the workforce, and to educate and engage members of the general public on responsible AI.

AI For Good Startup Incubator

An AI for Good startup incubator is also in progress to leverage opportunities to apply artificial intelligence to societal problems that are otherwise overlooked in pursuit of broad capital market opportunities.

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“It’s aspirational, it’s a narrative, an ideology that can really mobilize vast amounts of funding,” said @mona_sloane during a conversation at Unfinished Live @byUnfinished Watch the full conversation: http://ow.ly/TuLk50GwGx9
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